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Chocolate Cravings and Comfortable Seating at The RR Chocolate Gafoy

Gafoy, the latest addition to North Jakarta’s vibrant dining scene, is quickly becoming the go-to spot for those seeking a unique and inviting atmosphere. With its open-space concept and modern design, Gafoy offers a refreshing dining experience unlike any other in the area. Whether you’re looking to enjoy a meal with friends or simply relax with a cup of coffee, Gafoy provides the perfect setting to unwind in delicious cuisine provided by all of their tenants.


At The RR Chocolate, as one of their tenants in Gafoy, we had the opportunity to supply furniture for their restaurant, helping to create a space that perfectly complements their modern and stylish interior. Our range of furniture, including sofas, chairs, upholstery, and barstools, adds both comfort and elegance to the dining experience at The RR Chocolate. With ample natural sunlight streaming in, guests can enjoy their meals in a warm and inviting atmosphere that encourages relaxation and conversation. Whether you’re dining with friends, family, or colleagues, The RR Chocolate offers a welcoming environment for all who visit.

Experience the perfect blend of style and comfort at The RR Chocolate in Gafoy, where every corner tells a story of modern elegance and inviting ambiance. Take a look at The RR Chocolate and discover how our furniture transforms spaces, creating an atmosphere that is both chic and welcoming.



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